Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on Review

Review of the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on

Mountain-buggy-clip-on-seatBrought to you by the people from “Mountain Buggy,” their Portable high chair, Pod Clip-on is a Hook on type high chair. Similar to other clip-on portable high chairs, it is highly suited for infant or toddlers who are less independent in sitting up themselves due to its bucket design that has side support. These type of clip-on high chairs has less compatibility than booster portable high chairs when it comes to installation as you would be limited to the type of tables which you can install on. But that limitation is consistent across all hook-on type high chairs. So if you are after a hook-on type high chair, this is something you have to bear in mind.

Mountain-buggy-pod-clip-on-mobile-high-chairPersonally, in my opinion the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on chair is a quality mobile clip-on high chair given it is a product by the reputable baby brand “Mountain Buggy.” However given how small and lesser padding the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on high chair has, it makes it less superior than the Inglesina Fast Table Chair Hook on.

There is still merit in choosing the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on chair over the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, given it is a lot more compact of a portable high chair but like I saw beware, being small may not suit your child. So do you research and below are some pros and cons for you to weigh up.

Note: As with all types of portable high chairs, you have to supervise at all times. Even if you think the chair clips on tight, you just never know how your child can creatively climb out of it or someone bumps it and it falls. So always supervise and stay close with all high chairs, portable or not.


Compact, Fold Flat and Light weight – Weighing only 2.2 pounds, fold compact and flat for effortless portability when travelling and takes up very minimal storage space.

Mountain-buggy-clip-on-high-chair Comes Carry-bag –  The product comes with a carry-bag so you can store it away neatly in its own snugly fitted bag.

✓ Light weight

 Mostly compatible with tables – The thickness of the table that can be used with the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on high chair is a minimum limit of 0.8 inches and maximum limit of 2 inches.

 Fairly Easy to Clean – The fabric can be taken off and thrown into the washing machine for a good clean.

Portable-high-chair-travelling-toddler Quick and easy to set-up – A simple straight forward method of installation. Just twist the screws of the clips to tighten.

 Sturdy and good quality – Sturdy clips used for the Clip-on portable high chair as it is made by a reputable manufacturer of other baby products Mountain Buddy.


  Compatibility with tables – The Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on high chair does have a table thickness minimum limit of 0.8 inch and a maximum limit of 2 inches. This is an issue across all hook-on type portable high chairs anyway so you will need to find out the limitations of each clip-on high chairs an whether it suits your purpose.

Mountain-buggy-pod-clip-on-high-chair  Two point harness – It is only a two point harness whereas some other clip-ons portable high chairs may have more.

  Too small –  Some mums have reported that the section of the seat where the legs go through are too small for chubbier legs or when babies are being taken out from the seat are stuck in it.

  Seat is too deep –  Some mums have reported the bucket seat is too deep and only taller babies around 18 months were able to sit up to the table without being too low. As a result makes it quite difficult for infants or toddlers to be eating comfortable at an adult’s table.

In summary, this is a great portable clip-on baby high chair brought to you by a reputable baby product manufacturer “Mountain Buggy” people. It is no surprise given the almost perfect 5-stars that mothers rated this product who has purchased, tried and tested it. Although there are some shortfalls of this chair such as the deepness of the bucket seat and compatibility of installation to certain thickness of tables. To overcome this, just ensure you find test it out with the size of your child and tables you intend to use it on. Other than that, it makes a great travelling portable clip-on high chair given it light weight and fold flat feature. And of course for the clean mums out there, you can wash it completely clean by throwing it into the washing machine!

Hook-on High Chair Review


What is a Hook-on High Chair?

Inglesina Hook on high chair

Hook-on / Clamp-on / Clip-on seats – a fabric seat that hooks, clips and clamps onto the table’s edge, rather than the chair. Hence the inter-changeable names for it. Brings baby right to the table height but height of baby will depend on how tall baby is.





Suitable for Infant (6+ months) – As hook-on portable high chairs are bucket seat by design, it means it is well suited for infants and toddlers who are able to sit up but can’t sit up that independently yet or still wobbly as they still need the side support like a bucket seat. Whereas a Booster seat will give no such side support.

✓ Fold Flat – As the whole bucket seat is made of fabric held by metal frames that are collapsable, it means the seat can be fold flat when collapsed. Making it easy to transport. Also it makes storage very minimal around the house and when travelling in your suitcases.

✓ Light weight – The fabric and metal frames are minimal structures so the actual seat is light to carry around.

✓ Fabric can be washed – Some of the hook-on high chair models can washed in the washing machine and air dried by taking the fabric out of the metal frames. Though I caution that most mums found it was not that easy to take out and then put it back into the frames eventhough the instructions say you can take it out to wash. So although this is possible, it may not necessarily be easy to do.


  Not suitable for child over 3+ years old (or over 15 kgs) – As the seat is held by only two clamps through a hook-on or clip-on mechanism, a child that is heavy, and I use an indication of 3+ years old, or even younger if they are heavy, will not be safe in these type of seats. I would personally recommend when they turn 1+ years old or able to sit up independently that you use a booster seat as you are able to use the seat for a lot longer. The booster will not have weight issues

  Not easy to keep clean – Although manufacturers may claim some of the seats can be taken off and thrown into the wash, there are a few things to consider here. Common complaints are:

  • it is actually quite difficult to take off and then put back together so this may not be practical
  • if you are travelling, it is not practical to be putting this into the wash and then wait for it to dry. You may not be in a position to do this. So when it comes to keeping a portable seat clean, booster seat will always win hands down
  • Being a bucket seat, you will always catch food between the table to where the baby is. When the food is caught inside the bucket seat, it is stuck inside the folds and a chore to find them in between the folds and brush it off

  Not easy to install – Not all designs are easy to install. The metal rods and clips or clamps may be a bit complicated to start with.

  Compatibility to tables – All hook-on high chairs will have this problem. Some may be more compatible than others to various tables but will not be compatible with all tables. Things to consider are where the lip of the table is, how deep is the lip, how thick the table is, etc.

  The hook/clamp can cause marks on tables – Depending on what table you have and what model hook-on high chair you have, it could cause marks or damage to the table as you do have to tighten it quite tight onto the table

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